How To Straighten Natural Hair With A Flat Iron

When you are going to the office or your workplace, you may want to see a different look of yours, maybe with your curly hairs. And you are thinking how can you bring that change.

Well, I can assure you, in this case, a flat iron can help you with your look. you can easily straighten your natural hair with only a flat iron. So, here I am going to give you a complete guide on how to straighten natural hair with a flat iron.

You may think of heat that can damage your hair. Then I will say if you just follow the guide and precautions I am providing, there will be no damage.

So, stay here with me!

How To Straighten Natural Hair With A Flat Iron

A Complete Guide To Straightening Natural Hair With A Flat Iron

This guide is going to come up with a very useful guide for straightening your hair if you exactly follow the steps. Otherwise, your hair may get damaged.

Required Materials

The things you are going to required –

  1. Flat iron
  2. Hairbrush
  3. Heat protectant
  4. Hairspray
  5. Hair clips

As you have collected the required materials, now let’s know the processes in detail. 

Prepare Your Hair For Flat Ironing

Step #1: Start With Washed And Conditioned Hair

Before thinking of flat ironing, you must wash your hair. If not, then after ironing, your hair will look stiff. Select a shampoo that has a low pH level, because excess pH causes breakage.

Conditioning keeps your hair moisturized. As heat makes hair dry, so using conditioner is good for hair. And if you’ve got dry hair, then you can deep condition your hair once a week.

Step #2: Let Your Hair Dry

For drying your hair, you can consider both air and blow-drying. But air drying is more preferable than blow-drying. As your hair is coming into contact with the heat through flat iron already, it’s better to avoid more heat.

Thin hair should be air-dried, because it’s prone to breakage from heating. If you need to blow dry your hair, then make sure that the heat is not so much.

Thick hair can be blow-dried. But partially air drying is good for your hair’s health.

Step #3: Use A Heat Protectant Before Flat Ironing

Heat protectant mitigates the damage of hair which happens from the heat. It contains silicon which coats the hair and protects from the heat.

Spray it twice all over your hair before using the flat iron. You can apply heat protectants on both wet and dry hair.

Don’t even think of applying flat iron on wet air. Because your hair won’t get straight at all and the moisture will bubble up during the heating process and damage your hair

Straightening Your Hair

Step #1: Select The Temperature Base On Your Hair Texture

Too much heat and multiple passes over the same section can cause irreparable damage to your hair. So firstly, select a temperature based on your hair texture.

Set such a temperature that can make your hair straight after 1 or 2 passes. If you have got thin hair, then 150 degrees will do good.

For coarse hair, you may start from 350 degrees, but don’t go too high. For thick and fine or coarse and thin hair, 250 degrees may work.

Step #2: Divide Hair Into Sections

Dividing hair into sections makes straightening easier. Use clips to pull up your hair or you can even make a light bun. Let down a thin layer of hair for straightening. And after finishing one part, take a bit of hair from the clip.

Taking a wider section will not give a perfect result. So it’s best to take 1-inch wide section at a time.

Step #3: Brush The Sections Before Straightening

This part is important for natural hair that tangles up often. Brushing before straightening will give you smooth hair.

Avoid too much brushing because that happens into the breakage of hair. Use a paddle brush or wide-toothed comb.

Step #4: Start At The Root Of The Hair

When straightening your natural hair, starting from the root of hair will give the best result. Press the flat iron and move it down the hair to the tip.

Maintaining the same pressure is most important otherwise the straightening won’t be the same. How much time it’s going to take depends on your hair type.

Generally, it takes half an hour to finish flat ironing. But if your hair is thick it may take more time. So, don’t rush and be patient.

Reducing The Heat Damage

Step #1: Choose a ceramic flat iron

Ceramic flat irons protect your hair from heat and the ceramic won’t wear off over time. Even if these are a little pricey, you can do at least this much for your precious natural hair.

However, a cheap flat iron will wear off after a few uses.

Step #2: Deep Conditioning Your Hair Weekly

You can buy conditioners from pharmacies or shops and even can have homemade conditioner. Bananas, avocados, honey, or coconut oil does well as conditioners.

Step #3: Don’t Straight Natural Hair Very Often

Heat makes natural hair dry and brittle. So try to keep your hair from exposure to heat very often. You shouldn’t use flat iron more than a few times a month.

Step #4: Wrap Straightened Hair At Night

If you are flat ironing hair at night to manage your morning time, then use a silk wrap before going to sleep. It will keep your hair straight overnight.

Final Thoughts

Straightening natural hair is not too tough if you follow the basic steps properly. Just need to keep in mind that precautions should be taken properly.

Here I have discussed everything about how to straighten natural hair with a flat iron and also some tips. So, now you can enjoy natural straight hair with a flat iron!

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