How To Flat Iron Natural Hair Silky Straight

You are beautiful the way you are definitely but when you bring a change in your natural look, then it charges you up. And if you have curly hair, you can easily turn yourself into more gorgeous by using a flat iron!

Well, for that you need to know how to flat iron natural hair silky straight. You know for the newbies, it’s a bit tricky handling a flat iron. Here I am to save you from this situation.

I am going to discuss briefly how you can have silky straight hair by just using a flat iron. Remember that, following the right guide is important, otherwise it can cause damage to your hair.

So stay here with me!

How To Flat Iron Natural Hair Silky Straight

A Complete Guide To Flat Iron Natural Hair Silky Straight

Before using a flat iron, always keep in mind that without the right guide you may damage your hair. That’s why following the right steps are obvious.

If you follow the steps I am sharing, then you will have perfect natural silky straight hair.

Preparing hair for the heat up

Step #1: Wash your hair

Think of ironing when your hair is clean and conditioned. Shampooing regularly can make the hair dry and dull, and high-level pH level causes breakage. So when selecting a shampoo, make sure the pH level is in the limit.

Conditioner makes hair moisturized, healthy and lush. Condition your hair from halfway to the ends of hair. And rinse it with water.

Dirt hair will be stiff and hard after flat ironing.

Step #2: Let the hair dry

For drying your hair, you can have both air dry and blow-dry. But air-drying is good for the health of hair because thus, you can avoid extra heat.

Thin hair should be air-dried because it is prone to breakage from heating. If you have a time issue, then go with a blow-dry but make sure the heat is not so much.

Again if hair strands are thicker and don’t break generally, then it’s okay to use a blow dryer. But make sure you are partially air drying your hair before using a blow dryer.

Do not even think of applying flat iron on dry hair because your hair will not remain straight at all.

Step #3: Use a heat protectant

Heat protectants mitigate the damage of hair as these have got silicon. And silicone protects the hair from the heat of flat iron.

If you are blow-drying, then use the spray twice on your hair. You can apply heat protectants on both dry and wet hair.

Straightening your hair

Step #1: Decide a temperature

Too much heat and multiple passes over the same section increase the damage of hair. So you should select a temperature based on your hair texture.

Set the temperature so that your hair can be straight after 1 or 2 passes. For thin hair, you can have set the heat at 150 degrees.

If you are having coarse and thick hair, then set the flat iron temperature to 350 degrees. For thick and fine or coarse and thin hair, set the flat iron heat to about 250 degrees.

Step #2: Divide hair into sections

Dividing hair into sections makes the straightening job easier. Use clips to pull each of the sections and let down a layer which you will straight first.

After finishing the first section, let out a strand of hair from the clip. However, it’s ideal to straight 1-inch-wide section at a time. As this will give perfect straight silky hair.

Trying straightening a too thick section won’t give you a proper outcome. That means the section won’t be straight properly.

You will need so many clips for pulling the hair up. make these ready before the day you are going to straighten your hair.

Step #3: Brush the sections before straightening

Brushing each section will provide smooth hair and sleek locks. For avoiding breakage of the strand, use a paddle brush or a wide-toothed comb.

Step #4: Start from the root of the hair

You will have the best result if you start straightening your hair from the root. Press down the flat iron and slowly move it down the hair to the tip.

Maintaining the same pressure all over the hair is very important. otherwise the straightening will not be the same.

Tips and recommendations

  1. Only buy those flat irons which are 100% ceramic. Ceramic coating will protect your hair from heat damage.
  2. Deep conditioning will make your hair moisturized and healthy. Do it once a week.
  3. You can have a homemade deep conditioner with banana, avocados, honey, and olive. Even coconut oil helps to achieve silky hair.
  4. Don’t iron the same section multiple times.
  5. If you are straightening at night, then wrap the hair up while going to sleep.

Final thoughts

After going through this, you know how to flat iron natural hair silky straight without any damage. If you follow every step and tips properly, then I am sure you can avoid even slight damage to your hair.

So struggling with curly hair days are gone. Enjoy straightening your hair and bring a difference in your look!

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