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How To Flat Iron Black Hair

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If you are worried that your black curly hair doesn’t look good and for a change, you want to do something with your black hair, then I would suggest you try flat iron black hair. Yes, that’s what I am saying. Just try using a flat iron to make you look gorgeous.

Now you may think about how it is used and what if there’s any damage. So I am making sure there’s nothing to be worried about. Because you are in the right place for the guide.

It may worry you ironing can bring damage to your hair. And if you are not having results, it may not be the flat iron but the technique you are applying.

So, here I am providing you how to flat iron black hair avoiding any damage.

Let’s begin.

A Complete Guide To Flat Iron Black Hair

If you are using a flat iron on your hair, there’s a chance that your hair may get damaged or it won’t come out okay. It will be a disaster, right?

However, I am here for you to provide the right steps to follow and some tips.

How To Flat Iron Black Hair

Step #1: Start with well-conditioned hair

As you are thinking of flat iron, so first of all, ask yourself if your hair is clean and well-conditioned? If not, then go through the hair conditioning.

Some believe that a good heat protectant can save hair from damaging but it’s a big illusion. If you don’t work on your hair, then even the best one can’t protect your precious black hair from damaging.

Only flat iron after making sure your hair is regularly conditioned. Otherwise, applying flat iron on dry hair can lead to inevitable serious damage.

Having dry hair is not something to avoid flat iron. You only need to deep conditioning your hair once a week.

Step #2: Detangle black hair

When your hair is clean as well as well-conditioned, now separate hair into few sections and make sure you are detangling each section well. If you need, just take time to do it as it can affect the final result.

Step #3: Flat iron dry hair

For the best result, flat iron hair when it’s completely dry. It is better to choose air dry because there will be no additional heat element.

If you are in a hurry, you may go with blow dry but make sure to use the lowest setting so that the damage can’t happen at all.

Or let your hair air dry 80% and then put up a blow dry.

Step #4: Use a heat protectant

After drying black hair, make sure you are putting heat protectant on hair because it’s going to be a barrier to the heat. Apply it from root to tip of every section of hair properly.

But don’t just think it’s going to protect hair from heat only. Even the best quality hair protectant can’t protect your valuable hair from damaging if the heat is too high.

Step #5: How to flat iron black hair

Now that you have already prepared your hair for flat iron let’s learn how to flat iron black hair.

It’s better to use flat iron which has a temperature setting. Avoid the ones which don’t have an on-off button because as you are a beginner, you may not handle this. Having rounded plates is important in the flat iron.

Different brand flat irons have different settings so I am not saying what temperature you should go with. Choose a low temperature and take a small part of your hair. Apply the flat iron on your hair. If it’s working well, then continue to do the rest with the same temperature.

But if you need to go with a bit higher temperature, then try to go with the low heat. Thus finish all the sections.

How To Flat Iron Black Hair

Tips and suggestions

  1. If you intend to get back to your black curly hair, avoid using flat iron regularly because it can bring damage to your hair.
  2. For providing some bounce, you can use pin curl.
  3. Wrap up your hair through the wrap method while sleeping.
  4. Before using a flat iron, you shouldn’t have oily hair as it can weigh your hair down.
  5. Consider trimming the ends.

Final thoughts

So, finally, I think you have a clear idea of how to flat iron black hair. It’s not a very difficult job if you are careful and taking precautions. One can easily do it at home.

I hope this article will help you to have a great and stunning look with your gorgeous black hair.

Now, take a flat iron and start with straightening your hair!

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