How to fix burnt hair from flat iron [Step-By-Step]

Fat iron is a very popular kit for straightening or curling hair, no doubt. But numerous people around the world face burnt hair problems because of using a flat iron. And it may happen if one doesn’t use the flat iron properly.

Then what to do if you burn your hair using a flat iron? Well, you can’t just sit hopelessly with the burnt hair thinking it’s finished. Rather you really can fix this problem and bring back your natural hair. But how?

So, here I am providing the tips and cures of how to fix burnt hair from a flat iron. Burnt hair may not be fixed within a few days. So you need to have patience while treating your burnt hair.

Let’s start with the tips!

How to fix burnt hair from flat iron

Here I am discussing the most crucial and easiest ways to fix your burnt hair.

How To Fix Burnt Hair From Flat Iron step by step process

1. Use olive oil

Immediately after your hair’s burnt, apply olive oil on the burnt part. That will prevent the spreading of the damage. It penetrates the hair shaft and moisturizes your hair. In this case, it acts as a conditioner too.

When the hair’s burnt, you need to preserve the moisture as soon as possible. And olive oil removes the straw-like texture as it has a great moisturizing effect.

2. Deep condition your hair regularly

Deep conditioning helps prevent further hair damage. Conditioners have keratin that helps prevent chemical damage, heat damage, and breakage. Deep conditioning treatments are made for damaged hair. 

Do this once or twice a week. Apply conditioner on your hair and leave it for 10-20 minutes depending on the burning condition. You can even use a shower cap when you are waiting.

3. Use right shampoo and conditioner

While your hair’s burnt, it needs to keep the moisture of the hair. So, buy the shampoo and conditioner which are formulated to be more hydrating.

Ideal shampoos start working at the root, lock moisture, strengthen ends, and heal splits. Nutrients, antioxidants, ceramides, and UVA/UVB protectors should be present in your shampoo. Glycerin containing shampoos pulls moisture from the air and adds to dry hair strands.

When your hair is burnt, hair cuticle cracks should be fulfilled. For that protein-based conditioner is best.

4. Hot oil treatments

It is not the same as applying olive oil. The process works based on using heat and oil for moisturizing the burnt hair. You can heat oil or mix a few types of oil and apply it to your hair. Be careful that the oil is not so hot.

Gently massage on your scalp, then cover with a shower cap and wash hair 30 minutes later.

5. Mayonnaise treatment

Mayonnaise is prescribed for burnt hair for its emollient characteristics. Beat 2 egg yolks and mix these with half a glass of mayonnaise. L-cysteine of egg yolks expands hair development.

Now apply the mix on your hair, from scalp to the end. Apply generously on the burnt places. Spread the head with a plastic cap and wait for 60 minutes. It is the easiest and most ideal homemade approach for burnt hair according to experts. Applying it once a week is good.

6. Avoid sunburn

Sun is as hurtful as a flat iron. If your hair is burnt, then you should avoid the sun and protect your hair from extra heat. The UV beams of the sunburn hair. It’s better to apply styling cream before going outside.

7. Use heat-free alternatives

If you need to straighten or curl your hair, even by not using a flat iron, you can do this if your hair is burnt. You can use a leave-in conditioner and keep the frizz at bay. Also opting for hair serums keep hair hydrated and soft all day long.

If you have curly hair, use curl enhancers which will give your curls shine. Again you can do different types of hairstyles like French braid or fuss-free ponytail to bring a different look.

8. Apply Keratin

You will lose Keratin when your hair is burnt. Keratin is a protein which keeps your hair sound looking, glossy and versatile.

So, get Keratin expert conditioners, shower cream, hair fix medications.

9. Cut off the damaged hair

Many would not like to adopt this measure but if your hair is very much damaged by heat, then you can have regular trimming.

If the heat damage is so bad, no tips can salvage the situation. Severe damage because of heat can cause breakage of hair very often and trim will stimulate the growth of healthy hair.

As per experts, one can have trim once in three weeks.

10. Abstain from utilizing brutal synthetic hair products

Avoid chemical processing such as hair relaxers or hair colors. Because these are very harsh for burnt hair.

If you want to color your hair, then utilize regular colors like henna or tea. These will reduce the damage of your burnt hair

What food should you eat to fix burnt hair?

Food should be your first medicine. Vitamin A, C, and E are essential for hair growth and work as natural conditioners, helping to fix your hair and reduce hair fall.

The helpful nutrients for hair are – spinach, broccoli, eggs, oats, carrots, avocados, berries, walnuts, etc. Harmful foods for hair health are fast food, sugar and artificial sweeteners, swordfish and similar fishes.

Final thoughts

Burnt hair is always a headache for those who have these. As I have discussed details here on how to fix burnt hair from flat iron, now you know it can get better by adopting some measures.

So, don’t be heartbroken and start trying this at home. As soon as you will try fixing this, the damage won’t spread.

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