How To Curl Shoulder Length Hair With A Flat Iron

Are you thinking of bringing a little change in your monotonous everyday life? Well, you can simply do this by changing your look with curling your shoulder-length hair using a flat iron!

You may be a college student or doing a job. And you may think what’s there to do with your shoulder length hair.

You know bBefore going to your workplace, you can have a little bit of curly hair and thus you can completely change your look.

But it takes a bit of practice to curl hair. So, here I am discussing briefly how to curl shoulder length hair with a flat iron.

So, without delay, let’s see how to do it most simply.

How To Curl Shoulder Length Hair With A Flat Iron

A Complete Guide To Curling Shoulder-length Hair With A Flat Iron

Using flat iron may seem easy but if you are not careful, then it can lead the damage to your hair. However, an exact guide can relieve you of this problem.

Here I am discussing how to curl shoulder length hair with a flat iron step by step.

Collect the materials

When you are curling your hair, you will need some tools and materials. And these are as follows: 

  1. Flat iron
  2. Hairbrush
  3. Hair clips
  4. Hairspray
  5. Heat protectant

Preparing your hair

Step #1: Clean and dry your hair

If you are thinking of using a flat iron, make sure your hair is clean. Dirty hair won’t give a perfect curl and it will look stiff. So clean your hair with shampoo which has a low pH level.

Deep condition your hair once in a week. Conditioning makes your hair moisturized and healthy.

In the end, it’s better to have air dry because that’s how you can protect hair from additional heat. But if you are in a hurry, then you can have a blow-dry. Wet hair won’t curl at all even with a magical flat iron.

Step #2: Use a thin flat iron

It’s best to use a rounded-edged flat iron with a width of 1 to 2 inches from plate to handle. If you are a beginner, avoid paddle-style flat iron because it’ll be hard to handle.

For fine and thin hair, stick to a low temperature of about 150 degrees. For thick and coarse hair, the temperature can be 350 degrees.

And keep the temperature low as high heat damages the hair.

Step #3: Apply heat protectant

Heat protectant creates a barrier between the hair and the flat iron. And thus, it protects hair from getting damaged. Spray the heat protectant all over your hair and no need to comb.

Make sure it reaches to the bottom layers of hair. If there are any tangles, comb the hair before applying the protectant.

Step #4: Part hair into sections

Without sectioning, it will be a mess trying to curl the hair. Separate a section of hair above your ears and make a bun on top of the head. If you have thick hair, then you may need more sections.

A good rule is taking a 1-inch width section at a time and starting from the bottom of the scalp.

Exploring different techniques

Step #1: Flicks and curls

  • These are two slightly different ways of curling hair. For flicks, start from the halfway of the hair length.
  • Then turn it back in a half turn.
  •  Now create a U-shape with hair and the flat iron.
  • Keep it at that angle and move towards the end of the hair. If you want to have big soft flicks, slow the iron down.
  • While doing curls, follow the same process, just start from near the scalp. Slower moves will give tighter curl and vice versa.

Step #2: Full turn of flat iron for complete curls

For flicks and curls, you have to rotate the iron half turn. Rotate the iron full turn and that will give more ringlets and complete curls. Even based on your preference, you also can do a three-quarter turn.

You can alternate these different styles which will give you a different vibe every day.

Step #3: Flat waves

Crimped curls will give you a 90’s look. Start from near the scalp and pull the iron down twisting your hand back and forth. It will create bend and thus move to the tips of your hair.

Curling your hair

Step #1: Add hairspray

Put some hairspray before curling each section of hair. Hairspray helps to hold the curls for a long time.

Use a non-aerosol spray as aerosol one creates a sticky mess. Don’t think putting so much spray will provide a better result. However, it will make hair crunchy and stiff.

Step #2: Grab a single section

Smaller sections give tighter and smaller curls. If you want ringlets like curls, then take 1 to 2 inches wide section at a time.

The larger section gives bouncier and looser curls. Taking a section more than 2 inches will be enough to have natural bouncier hair.

Step #3: Use one of the techniques

The above methods are the basic principles. Clamp lightly, because so hard makes it difficult to move and so light makes the hair escape.

From which length you should start curling, how fast, or slow you need to move or how you should rotate – these depend on you. Experiment with these variables to have a perfect look.

Step #4: Finish up

Use your finger to tousle the hair while you have looser curls. Put a light mist of spray over your hair after curling, that will keep the curls sleek and tight.

Final thoughts

Curling hair is a bit tough job and that’s why you need to practice and do some experiments using different variables. As I have discussed thoroughly how to curl shoulder length hair with a flat iron, I can make you sure you will find it easy.

So put a flat iron and bring a gorgeous look while curling your hair.

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