How To Curl Medium Length Hair With Flat Iron

If you are bored with your straight medium length hair, then here’s a solution for you! Yes, a flat iron can contribute something in that case.

Are you wondering how? Don’t get surprised if I say to curl medium length hair with flat iron. Yes, you can do it easily by yourself at home and it can bring a difference in your look. Won’t it be amazing!

But for that, you must know how to curl medium length hair with flat iron. Because it’s a bit of a tricky job to operate the flat iron here. Well, now that’s what I am going to share so that you can have a perfect hair done.

Only the right guide can help you do it perfectly curl without having any damage. So, stay here with me.

How To Curl Medium Length Hair With Flat Iron

A Complete Guide To Curl Medium Length Hair With Flat Iron

First of all, I want to say that if you are using a flat iron, then there’s a possibility of damaging hair. And for that you will be upset about your hair.

But if you follow the steps that I am sharing, then you will have a perfect curl without damaging hair.

Prepare Your Hair

Step #1: Begin with clean and dry hair

Before starting curling your hair, make sure you have cleaned and conditioned your hair in the past 24 hours. For too much dry hair, do deep conditioning once in a week.

Wet hair can’t be curled. Even a magical flat iron can’t make the curl stay long and perfect.

So it’s best to have hair air dry. But if you are in a hurry, you can go blow-dry with minimum heat.

Step #2: Use thin flat iron

A thin flat iron which is 1 to 2 inches width from plate to handle forms a smooth curl. It should be of round edges as well. Again it’s harder to hold a flat iron if it’s paddle-style.

Put the temperature minimum as excess heat causes damage to the hair.

Step #3: Apply heat protectant

Heat protectants create barriers between hair and flat iron. That means it protects your hair from getting damaged easily.

Spray all over your hair and no need to comb. Make sure the protectant is reaching to the bottom layers of the hair.

Step #4: Part hair into few sections

When you try to do the curling all at once, then it will be a mess. So, part your hair into a few sections to make the job easy.

When you are parting your hair, pin up the rest with a clip so that you can be at ease when curling.

Exploring Different Styles of Curling

There are different kinds of curly hair style to bring a difference in the look. For doing basic curl, take a section of hair and clamp it at the bottom with the flat iron. Pull it upward to the scalp and simply release the hair pulling the iron downwards.

Beachy waves are sophisticated and suitable for any kind of occasion. If you are not much into the traditional type, you can apply this style.

For crimped curls, take a part of your hair, clamp it close to your scalp. Then twist your hand back and forth and reach the tip of the hair.

For doing spiral curls, clamp the hair with your iron and rotate at 180 degrees. Pull the iron from your face to the tip of the hair. After doing full hair, don’t comb your hair.

Layer curls are perfect for thin hair and that make your hair bouncy. After curling, use your fingers to comb your hair.

These are the common, easy and most gorgeous curl styles. For a beginner, these are easiest too.

Curling Your Hair

Step #1: Add hairspray

For having curls easily, put some hairspray on your hair. Spray it on each section of the hair before starting curling.

Don’t use too much hairspray because it will make hair stiff and crunchy. And the air won’t be achieved.

Step #2: Grab the section you want to curl

How much hair you will include in a section totally depends on you. Just take that much you can handle.

Smaller sections will give you small and tighter curls. On the contrary, if you want a look closer to ringlets, then a section’s width should be less than 2 inches.

Larger sections will give looser and bouncier curls. For that, take a wider section.

It’s not like the curling section should be the same all the time. It depends on your choice.

Step #3: Alternate flicks and curls

Flicks and curls are two slightly different techniques. For the flicks, start from the halfway of your hair. Create a U-shape with hair and flat iron and slowly move to the end.

Curls start close to the scalp and the technique is the same as the flicks. Slower move will give tighter and faster will give a gentler wave.

Step #4: Finish up

If you have looser curls, then just use fingers to comb your hair. That’s how you will get more volume and natural look.

For keeping the curl all the day long, put hairspray all over the curls, use an anti-humidity spray when you are in a humid area

Final thoughts

Now I think you have got a clear view of how to curl medium length hair with flat iron. You know being careful and taking precautions will make your curl perfect and natural.

When you try this, you will get a stunning look. So, enjoy curling your hair!

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