How To Crimp Hair With Flat Iron

If you are craving a new look, then I can say crimping hair is an interesting task to do. It was crucial to 90’s fashion and even now its desire hasn’t been changed.

You may want to crimp your hair but don’t have a crimper? Well, here I have brought you a solution. Hair can be crimped easily with a flat iron. And for that, you just need to know some techniques.

So, here I am going to discuss how to crimp hair with flat iron. This article will help you get some methods of carrying out different types of crimps.

Let’s see how to do it most simply!

How To Crimp Hair With Flat Iron

A complete guide to crimping hair with a flat iron

You can do tighter or looser crimps easily with a flat iron. But for that, you need to follow some steps and take a few precautions.

Here are the steps for doing a perfect crimp.

Using braids for tight crimp

Step#1: Start with straight and clean conditioned hair

Before using a flat iron, shampooing and conditioning hair is most necessary. Otherwise, your hair will look hard after using a flat iron. Deep conditioning once a week makes hair moisturized.

After cleaning, let the hair dry. If your hair is curly, it’s a good idea to straighten it. And for too straight and silky hair, you can use styling mousse that can hold a curl.

Step#2: Divide hair into at least six sections

Pull the hairs above your ears and make a loose bun. leave the lower layers. Now, make at least six sections with lower layer hair.

If you want to have a very tight crimp, then make smaller sections. a 1-inch-wide section is good to take.

Step #3: Braid the sections tightly

Start making tight and smaller braids from the root of the hair. If you want less volume, then start it from halfway down the hair.

It’s really necessary to spray heat protectant all over the braids from root to the ends because it protects hair from heat.

Step #4: Run a flat iron over the braids

Start from the root of the hair and press down the flat iron on the braids for at least 10 seconds. Then go for the next segment of hair. Thus finish all the braids.

You may need to run the process twice depending on your hair type.

Step #5: Wait until the braids cool down

After finishing the lower layer braids, wait for the hair to cool down. Start undoing braids with the upper layer.

Step #6: Undo the bun and repeat the process

Undo the bun and make braids with the hairs. Try to make the same amount of sections as the lower layer.

Repeat the spraying of heat protectant running flat iron on hair and undoing hairs the same way you did before. Don’t brush your hair, just gently run your fingers through hair.

If you want the crimps to stay long, then apply hairspray all over your hair after adjusting your hair.

Using twists for looser crimp

Step #1: Start with clean, dry, and tangle-free hair

Clean your hair before using a flat iron and use a conditioner too. Conditioner helps to get you moisturized hair. You can even have a homemade conditioner with banana, yogurt, coconut oil, etc.

Let your hair dry and then brush it to make sure there is no tangle. Apply lightweight styling mousse so that your hair can hold crimp. Squeeze some into your hand and smooth it onto the hair.

Step #2: Divide hair into sections

Divide your hair into horizontal sections for tighter crimp. You can even make a loose bun with the upper part of the hair and work with the bottom.

If the sections are too wide or can’t be twisted tightly, then it may result in waves in place of crimps. So make sure to make a smaller section. Smaller sections will give tighter crimps.

If your hair is very silky, then you can keep more hair or try to twist as tightly as possible.

Step #3: Twist your hair

Twist each section into a tightrope. While doing twisting, keep the section away from your face.

Twist enough tight so that it can form a rope but not too much that the hair’s become curl. After twisting, you may tie up in the end. But it’s better if you hold with your hand.

Step #4: Apply heat protectant spray

After twisting each section, apply heat protectant spray all over the section. It will help your hair stay moisturized and protect your hair from damaging because of heat.

Step #5: Run the flat iron on the rope

Don’t let the hair rope get loose. Hold it tightly, take the flat iron and run it over the rope. On each portion, press down the flat iron for a few seconds.

Hold the rope until the hair cools down. And After that, gently release the rope. Your hair may not hold a crimp if you let go of hair too soon.

Keep twisting hair with the rest of the hair. If you have had a bun, then start doing the twisting and straightening after finishing the lower part of the hair.

Step #6: Avoid brushing your hair

For too tight crimp, use fingers through your hair to loosen it. Brushing can turn hair into frizzy.

Step #7: Put hairspray

When you are done crimping your hair, add some hairspray all over the hair. It will help your crimp to stay long and tight.

Final thoughts

Crimping hair may seem difficult to you. But as you have gone through this article, I think there will be no more difficulty. As I have briefly discussed how to crimp hair with flat iron, you just need to follow the steps.

You can even have tighter or looser crimps if you follow these two processes. So, enjoy the crimping!

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