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Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair 2022

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Steam flat iron is really an excellent option to have straight and natural hair. But what if you choose an imperfect one. Oh! no way. You may lose your hair.

I know you don’t want to imagine such a situation. Then you have to be concerned in choosing on for you. Buying a steam flat iron without having proper knowledge about the product can bring disaster to you.

Take a breath. Don’t be frustrated. You are going to get everything you need to know here!

Yes, we’ve come with a list of 10 best steam flat iron for natural hair. And the buying guide presented here will let you buy the best for sure.

Now, without delaying more, let’s start exploring.    

10 Best Steam Flat Irons for Natural Hair

It’s a common misconception that only highly expensive premium flat irons have good quality. 

But, that’s completely false. Here are the best steam flat irons in the market that are packed with lots of amazing features and they’re also quite affordable. Hopefully, you will find your one here.  

1# Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener
Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

The Steam flat iron hair straightener from Magicfly is undoubtedly the best steam flat iron for natural hair. It has a creative design, and it’s remarkably popular among hairstyle professionals because of its quality and performance. 

As it’s categorized as a stream flat iron, it utilizes water vapor that’s released while you’re styling the hair. 

This steam not only makes your hair soft and smooth, but it also moisturizes damaged hair. Enabling its steam setting is pretty straightforward. You can even check out the instruction manual if you’re having any trouble setting that up. 

Features and benefits:


It can be powered by two different voltage settings and they are AC-100V and AC-240V. So, you can take it with you when you’re traveling abroad. 

Heat Settings:

The Steam hair straightener has multiple temperature settings that are suited for different types of natural hair. For instance, you can choose 430℉ if you have thick hair and 300℉ if your hair is damaged. 


It features a PTC heater that can get ready for use in just 60 seconds. It also comes with some accessories such as a glove, a comb, and a pouch. 

No other steam flat irons in the market can even be compared with the performance and quality of the Steam flat iron hair straightener from Magicfly. So surely, you should choose it. 

2# MKBOO Hair Straightener with Steam, Salon Professional Nano Titanium flat Iron

 MKBOO Hair Straightener with Steam, Salon Professional Nano Titanium flat Iron
Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

The MKBOO hair straightener is a preferred choice for a lot of hairstylists. That’s because it’s unmatched when it comes to durability and styling performance. 

The MLBOO hair straightener will straighten and curl your hair and add moisture to your hair strands. 

It features an ion generator inside its titanium plates. And it produces ions that make your hair straighter and less frizzy. 

The heat gets distributed evenly throughout the plates, and they won’t expose your hair to too much heat. 

Features and benefits:

Comb Teeth:

Unlike the traditional flat irons, the MKBOO hair straightener features comb teeth that’s removable. It will even help to keep the hair in place so that the plates can do their job properly.

Water Tank:

It comes with a 40ml water tank. But don’t forget to fill this tank from time to time, otherwise, you won’t get a subtle glossy finish after styling your hair. 

Heat Settings:

The MKBOO flat iron features a ceramic heater that gets heated at a fast pace, and it also recovers fairly quickly. The temperatures range from 300 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you’re afraid that a flat iron will damage your hair, we can assure you that the MKBOO straightener is safe to use and will make your hair look smooth and healthy. 

3# Xtava Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener

 Xtava Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener
Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

Having glossy, straightened hair as you go out to face the world, not only looks great but also boosts confidence. 

And you can get that if you have the Xtava steam flat iron. Its steam technology will nourish your hair and make sure your hair retains its moisture throughout the day. 

This flat iron is compatible with all types of hair and its tourmaline; nano ceramic plates can take care of coarse, thick hair with ease. It comes with removable water tanks, and each of these tanks can last for 8-10 minutes of styling. 

Features and benefits:

Heat Settings:

The Xtava has a straightforward design, and it only features two temperature settings. You can choose 450℉ if you have thick hair and 360℉ if you have delicate hair. 


It features two compact 1” plates made of tourmaline and Nano-ceramic. Moreover, these plates get heated in just 1 minute. 

Additional Features:

It comes with a 360° cord, and a heat-resistant travel bag for the flat iron. And it shuts off after 60 minutes if it remains unused. 

To sum up, the Xtava flat iron is literally the most affordable option on our list. To be honest, even we were surprised at how inexpensive this hair straightener really is! 

4# FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron

 FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron
Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

While conducting research for this article, we had the privilege of speaking to some of the customers who purchased the products that we have listed here. And most of them had complained about frizzy hair, split ends, and hair loss. 

And some of those problems occur because of excessive hair styling using flat irons. However, you can prevent all of those problems by purchasing a premium-quality hair straightener like the FURIDEN steam flat iron. 

It will provide you with excellent hairstyles that are also long-lasting. Furthermore, it will protect the hair from getting damaged by the heat. 

Features and benefits:


The FURIDEN straightener heats up quickly, and its 1″ plates smoothly glides over the hair. It can take care of frizzy hair in just a matter of minutes. 


In total, the FURIDEN straightener has 38 different temperature settings that you can choose from. It even has a LED display that shows the current temperature. 


It features dual-voltage, and it’s compatible with AC-110V as well as AC-240V. 

In fact, FURIDEN is a trusted brand in the beauty industry, and their steam hair straightener will allow you to make a unique hairstyle that will make you look beautiful and confident. 

5# Steam Hair Straightener by KEMEI

 Steam Hair Straightener by KEMEI
Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

KEMEI is the gold standard when it comes to hairstyle related products. Their products are renowned worldwide, and this steam hair straightener is also among those products. 

You can straighten your hair or make it curly by using this hair straightener. No matter which type of hairstyle you choose, you can be sure that the KIMEI hair straightener will provide you with a soft, smooth, and long-lasting hairstyle. 

Just remember to fill its water tank from time to time for getting the optimum performance from this flat iron. 

Features and benefits:

Steam Settings:

It features three steam settings, and it has five holes on each of the plates that are used to disperse the steam onto your hair. And the heat from the plates will help the moisture to get infused into the hair, making them shiny and smooth. 


It features a PTC heater that can quickly get pre-heated in just 30 seconds. 

Temperature Settings:

The KEMEI stream flat iron features five different temperature adjustment options that range from 120 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius. 

The KEMEI steam hair straightener is perfect for all types of hair. And so you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it, 

6# SWAN STAR Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener

SWAN STAR Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener
Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

The SWAN star stem flat iron is a unique hair straightener, and it’s quite different from other flat irons that we have reviewed until now. 

What sets this product apart from the rest of the flat irons in the market is its Infrared heating technology. 

Its infrared function not only creates steam that moisturizes your hair, but also releases millions of negative ions. And that protects the hair from static and makes your hair shiny. 

It utilizes a PTC heater that’s durable and long-lasting. And the ceramic coatings inside the plates release charged molecular ions into the hair when it gets heated. 

Features and benefits:

Infrared Heating:

It releases the heat in broad infrared rays. Experts say that these rays can promote hair growth, and they also strengthen the damaged hairs. 

Faster Heating time:

The Swan star stem flat iron gets heated in just 30 seconds, and it has six different temperature settings. 


It features two heating plates that have ceramic coatings. You know these plates are perfect for taking care of African American and Asian hair. 

On the whole, if you want to try out various new hairstyles, then the Swan Star steam straightener would be an excellent choice for sure. 

7# DORISILK Professional Infrared Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener

DORISILK Professional Infrared Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener
Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

On the seventh spot, we have another infrared steam flat iron hair straightener with a similar type of design as the previous entry. 

Its plates are wider than other models in the market and that’s why it can style more hair at once. Which means you can finish straightening your hair at a faster pace.

Its plates release heated water vapor in the hair and moisturize them so that you can get glowing hair that stays glossy all day. 

Features and benefits:

Infrared Heating:

You’re probably aware of the fact that infrared steam flat irons are much more efficient at straightening hair than any traditional flat irons. And it doesn’t cause any burning smell. 


This flat iron has large 2” ceramic tourmaline plates. They release steam and negatively charged ions onto the hair. 


It’s quite well designed, and it has many useful features such as dual voltage (110V-240V), 360° swivel cord, and six adjustable heat settings. 

You know the DORISILK steam flat iron has broad plates and advanced infrared steam technology. We were highly impressed by its styling performance. 

8# Maixus Hair MaxiGlide RP Hair Straightener

Maixus Hair MaxiGlide RP Hair Straightener
Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

Although Maxius is a relatively unknown brand in the industry, they have made some innovative products in the past few years. This one is one of them. 

The Maxius MaxiGlide hair straightener features Stem-burst technology that sets it apart from the other flat irons in the market. It also comes with styling ribs and a steam pump.

It’s nano-ceramic plates easily slide over the hair strands without facing any troubles. And it’s quite easy to use as well. All you have to do is start the steam option and then start gliding the flat iron over your hair. 

But note that, start using this flat iron at least 3 inches away from your scalp. 

Features and benefits:

Protective Ridges:

This hair straightener features protective ridges that not only look good but also protect your face and neck from being burned by the heated metal plates. 


It features a digital display that shows the temperature of the flat iron at the time of operation. 


The MaxiGlide flat iron is quite effective at straightening hair. And it’s almost four times faster than other hair straighteners in the market. 

Now, if you want to finish straightening your hair in just one go, then the MaxiGlide hair straightener can be the ideal product for you. 

9# HSI Professional Glider Steamer Ceramic Flat Iron

HSI Professional Glider Steamer Ceramic Flat Iron
Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

HSI is quite popular all around the globe for their styling tools that provide users with salon-quality hairstyles.  

And the HSI Professional glider steamer is the perfect tool for rejuvenating and repairing your dry and damaged hair

That’s why this product is used in salons all over the country. However, it’s also suitable for home use.

It gets heated in a matter of seconds. It can generate a large amount of steam and negative ions in a short amount of time. 

The best part is this steam will give your hair a glossy finish. 

Features and benefits:


The HSI Professional glider features a built-in steamer whose sole purpose is to generate a lot of steam in order to moisturize the hair. The steam also protects the hair strands from excessive heat. 


There are eight micro-sensors installed on the plates of this flat iron. These sensors have a heat-balance feature that makes sure the heat gets distributed evenly throughout the hair. 

Temperature Settings:

This flat iron features multiple heating settings so that you can choose the one that’s suitable for your hair. The temperatures range from 360 °F to 450 °F. 

Although the HIS Professional hair straightener is slightly costlier than the other steam flat irons in the market, we believe that you won’t regret purchasing it. 

10# Cortex Professional Vapor Hair Straightener

Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

For the last entry on this list, we have decided to add the Professional Vapor hair straightener made by Cortex. 

It has an innovative design, and it has many cutting-edge features that make it stand out among the rest of the hair straighteners in the market. 

It’s fairly lightweight and comfortable to use. It features ceramic plates that are coated with tourmaline. These plates will infuse your hair with Argan oil during the styling process. 

This oil will provide nutrients to your hair to make them shine throughout the day. 

Features and benefits:

Temperature Range:

The Cortex Professional hair straightener features six different temperature settings that range from 300 °F up to 450 °F.


It features a 360 ° cord that has a length of 11 feet. This cord is heat resistant and flexible. 


It’s fairly compact, and the outer surface of this flat iron has a rubber-coating. That makes it easy to grip while you’re styling your hair. Also, it features two different steam settings. 

If you’re not on a tight budget and are willing to spend some money on a high-quality steam flat iron, then this is the product you should choose. 

Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair Buying Guide

Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

We know that you love your precious hair, and that’s why you shouldn’t blindly purchase a flat iron without considering its quality and features. 

Using a low-quality hair straightener can irreparably damage your hair. Really horrible, right?

So, we suggest you follow the guide given below in order to make the right choice: 

Digital LCD display

Most of the flat irons that we have listed above feature a digital LCD screen. This display lets you know the exact temperature of the pates during the time of operation. 

It will even allow you to check if you’ve set the right temperature or not. So, make sure you buy a flat iron that has an LCD. 

Automatic Shut-Off

The flat iron that you’re going to purchase should have an auto-shutoff feature for safety purposes. 

If your flat iron has this feature, it will automatically shut off after 30 to 60 minutes if it’s not in use. And you won’t have to worry even if you forget to shut it off before leaving the house. 


Typically, flat irons have two types of plates. Some plates have a ceramic coating, and others have a Titanium coating.

If your hair is thick and more resistant to heat, we recommend buying a flat iron with a Titanium coating. On the other hand, if you have fragile or damaged hair, go for a flat iron with ceramic coating. 


As you’re thinking about buying a flat steam iron, it should be obvious to you that you have to consider the steaming capability of your flat iron. You should check how effective the flat iron is at making steam. 

Final Verdict

Now, you must admit that the market for flat iron hair straighteners is extremely saturated, and most products have terrible quality. And you don’t have that much time to sort through them all. 

That’s why we have worked hard to find and review the best steam flat iron for natural hair. We hope that you find the product that you’re searching for on this list. 

Before you take your leave, we want to share with you our top pick. And that is the steam flat iron made by Magicfly. It has a wide temperature range, and it features dual-voltage. It’s perfect for straightening natural hair. 

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